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Get Rid of Bed Bugs, Fleas and Ticks | Sterifab Bug Spray- steri fab insectenspray ,Sterifab spray kills bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, mold, mildew and more. Sterifab is the only EPA registered disinfectant and insecticide in one product and is extremely effective. Learn how to use Sterifab and where to buy Sterifab.STERI-FAB Bed Bug SpraySTERI-FAB disinfectant kills bed bugs, lice, dust mites, roaches fleas and a host of other insects. STERIFAB works as an excellent bed bug and egg killer that dries in 15 minutes leaving nothing behind. (866) 238-9868 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 2-5 day FREE & DISCREET SHIPPING on all orders

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Steri-Fab, by Noble Pines Products, is a ready to use, all-in-one virucide, disinfectant, and insecticide. It is versatile, environmentally-friendly, and safe to use in many areas for disinfecting, deodorizing, and treating common crawling insect pests, like bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites.

Product Information | Sterifab Disinfectant Spray

Sterifab is an antimicrobial agent that will kill many microorganisms on contact. Unlike antibiotics, which are designed to destroy microorganisms within the body, Sterifab works by destroying the microbes at the cellular level or hindering their basic metabolic functions.

Steri Fab Product Application, Disinfecant and Insecticide

Steri-Fab is an antimicrobial agent that will instantly kill any microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores. It’s precisely engineered to kill fungus, viruses, mold, and mildew. Plus, it not only kills germs and disinfects, but also eradicate pathogenic odors. Steri-Fab works by destroying the microbes at the cellular level or ...

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Sterifab dries in 15-20 minutes with no trace, so you and your family can get right back to your routine. All-in-One. Sterifab is a multipurpose product killing viruses, bedbugs, bacteria, fungus and more. HOW MUCH WILL I NEED? Entire Home & Facilities. When disinfecting entire rooms and complete sets of furniture, use a gallon. ...

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A 16-ounce bottle of Steri-Fab will easily treat a mattress set or sofa. 1 gallon will treat 8-10 pieces of upholstered furniture or 5 sets of mattresses and box springs. Exact yield will vary with each use. Standard Application Rates for Steri-Fab: * Steri-Fab is ready-to-use and should not be diluted. * 10-12 oz. treats a typical sofa or couch.

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